Your Perfect Summer Garden: Pops of Color (and No Mosquitoes)!

Your Perfect Summer Garden: Pops of Color (and No Mosquitoes)!

Summer is on the horizon. Our calendars are filling with barbeques and pool parties and we’re shaking out brightly colored clothes from their long winter storage.

Why stop there?

Pops of Color

Your garden is the perfect place to add a dose of bright color. The Seville Farms family believes that the more vibrant your summer garden can be, the better it is. When we prepare for summer, we work hard to ensure you have what you need for a garden brimming with brights.

Here are some of our tried-and-true favorites:

Tecomaria (also known as Cape Honeysuckle)

This tropical flowering shrub can bloom all year long. It boasts vivid oranges, yellows, and reds. Hummingbirds can’t resist its bright, attractive flowers!

Cape honeysuckle loves full sun and it’s easy to grow once it’s established. After you’ve planted it, fertilize the plant each spring and summer to keep it healthy year-round.


The mandevilla plant has become a summer patio staple—and how could we argue? The mandevilla’s lively pinks and purples breathe life into your home and garden.

A good soil mix for this plant has two parts of peat moss to one part of builder’s sand. When placing this plant, finding the perfect light is key. Mandevilla prefer bright, yet indirect sun. Too much direct sunlight will leave your vine burned.


Make sure you don’t confuse bougainvillea with mandevilla, our previous recommendation! These flowering machines explode with color when they are in full bloom.

Bougainvillea loves direct sunlight, which makes it perfect for Texas gardens. For the best flowers, plant bougainvillea in well-drained soil.

Without Mosquitoes!

How could we talk about summer in Texas and ignore mosquitos?

Luckily, plants can help. Here’s a cheat sheet of plants you can use to ward off these pests:

Happy Planting!

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