Teaming up for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Seville Farms grows products throughout Texas. This means, quite literally, that our roots are in Texas.

So when Harvey hit our great state, how could we not help?

Seville Farms teamed up with Stonewater Church in Granbury, Texas, Sportsman’s Church in Victoria, Texas, and Lowe’s in Granbury, Texas, to ship three trailers worth of relief supplies to Victoria, Texas.

Seville Farms donated the trucks, the fuel, and the drivers. Stonewater Church parishioners loaded supplies into the trailers. Lowe’s in Granbury donated a forklift driver and pallet jacks to get drinking water into the trucks. And Stonewater Church volunteers received the donations and distributed them to their community members in need.

In addition, Seville Farms matched employee donations to jump from $10,000 to $20,000! An incredible effort from the entire Seville Farms family!

Check out our photo album of the effort below:




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