Spice Up Your Kitchen with Fresh Herbs!

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Spice Up Your Kitchen with Fresh Herbs!

Most recipes use herbs, and for good reason. Just a few tiny leaves can completely elevate your cooking, add bursts of flavor, and make you feel a bit more professional in the kitchen. Unfortunately, buying herbs from grocery stores can be… underwhelming. Dried sprigs of rosemary and basil are trapped in plastic containers and ground thyme and sage sit with the spices.

That’s why we suggest growing your own herbs! Not only will home-grown herbs enhance your cooking, they taste better than store-bought and help you save thyme and money. Plus, you don’t necessarily need a big backyard or plot of your garden to give herbs the space and attention they need. Here are our tips for growing our favorite herbs: Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme.


Oregano is a must-have in a culinary garden! It is easy to grow and pares with many dishes! Keep oregano in a sunny spot so it can get those strong afternoon rays. On a porch or a well-lit windowsill is the perfect place for this herb! Plant them 8-10 inches apart. Don’t overwater oregano! Let the soil completely dry out between waterings.


Rosemary loves the sun! If you live in a warm area (we’re talking Zone 7+) you can grow Rosemary outside. Luckily, Rosemary will also do well in containers so long as it can get full sun. Like Oregano, Rosemary won’t tolerate wet soil, don’t water too often. When you plant Rosemary, give it a lot of room. This herb is notorious for growing quickly, and far!


Like Rosemary, Basil loves the sun and loves the heat. Basil has many healthy nutrients. It is a delicious, fragrant herb that is especially popular in Italian cooking.


Thyme also loves the sun and loves the heat. But, if you live in Zone 10 or higher, watch out to make sure Thyme doesn’t get burned. Thyme is a low grower that likes to be left alone to thrive. Thyme is slow-growing from seed to sprout, so we suggest purchasing small plants!

If you’re interested in growing your own herbs, you can check out ours on Amazon! Our fresh plants are grown with care in the Lone Star State, and we guarantee the best quality for your garden and your kitchen. Buy here.
These low maintenance herbs will liven up your dishes! Incredible flavors: Oregano, basil, and rosemary enhance your pizzas, pastas, and other Italian-based dishes. This variety is the perfect mix of herbs for your cooking needs! Buy here.

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