Cure the Summertime Blues with Summertime Blooms

Cure the Summertime Blues with Summertime Blooms

We know, we know: it’s the dog days of summer and sometimes the last thing you want to do is work outside in the yard. But we propose an incentive to make it easier to enjoy that glass of iced tea or a cold brew on your porch or patio on a lazy afternoon — plant some new pretty flowers!

Summer is far from over, especially here in Texas. That means lots more time to add some fancy to your indoor or outdoor space, without breaking too much of a sweat. Between beautiful blooms that are easy to plant and even easier to care for, to indoor decorative plants that add a homey touch to your house, there are plenty of options from Seville Farms to choose from at your local garden center or a retailer like Lowe’s.

It may seem like anything is a go, but here are a few do’s and one don’t for your late summer lineup:

DO pick blooms that can stand the heat. The Southern sun is brutal, and summer doesn’t end on August 31. Look for plants that like full sun, can cover a lot of ground, and provide bright pops of color. Suggestions:

  • Gaillardia Aristata (sunflower family, blanket flowers)
  • Zinnia (even blooms in rain)
  • Lavender (bonus points for the smell!)

DON’T choose flowers that are always thirsty. Maybe you’re trying to conserve water. Or you just don’t have the time to constantly be giving your plants a drink. Either way, it’s easy enough to pick plants that can go a few days in between watering. Our favorites:

  • Succulents (super hardy, for indoor or outdoor)
  • Sunflowers (you don’t need many!)
  • Coneflowers (covers a lot of ground)

DO think of the birds, bees, and butterflies. As the honeybee population dwindles, it’s easy for us home gardeners to do our part and provide pollination pit stops with little work. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy seeing hummingbirds and butterflies flitting to and fro? Check out these pollinators and consider a mini wildflower garden:

  • Beardtongue (beautiful bell-shaped flowers)
  • Gloriosa daisy/Black-eyed Susan (classic!)
  • Phlox (great for draping and groundcover)

DO think about all the ready-made bouquets you can create with your gorgeous garden. There’s no easier way to give your home that Pinterest look than by placing a few tasteful but simple bouquets in key spots that need a bright touch. From tall and full blossoms to short and delicate buds, the options are endless. Give these a try:

  • Peonies (you can’t beat the scent)
  • Dahlias (beautiful symmetry of petals)
  • Lilies (pick a color, any color)

These are just a few suggestions and ideas to get you started. There are dozens of summer flowers and plants that could work, no matter your purpose or needs. Whether you like lots of color, you need to cover a large amount of space, or you simply enjoy filling your home with blooms, Seville Farms has you covered through the end of the season. Be sure to ask your local garden center expert for more tips specific to your neighborhood and climate, and you can always reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy planting!

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