Cozy up for the season with these garden-related décor ideas

Cozy up for the season with these garden-related décor ideas

Do you have the cozy-season gardening doldrums?

You know of what we speak: The cooler, darker months just don’t seems lend themselves to plants. Yet we challenge you to change your thinking. The cozy months—which we think of as between September and February—still call for plants and greenery in your décor.

Delicious Kitchen and Dining

  • In the cozy months, you can’t go wrong with a traditional spread of gourds on your kitchen or dining room table. Select a few colorful pumpkins and squashes in different sizes and arrange with some dried Indian corn and nuts like acorns, walnuts, and chestnuts.
  • Fill a small bowl with pinecones, cinnamon sticks, whole nutmegs, and if available, some sprigs of spruce or fir. Nestle a lighted candle in the middle and voila, a heavenly scent to cover up the lingering smell of your salmon dinner.
  • For the New Year, invite love, luck, and wealth to family and friends with a chic bamboo plant, a beautiful new orchid, or a jade succulent. You can find more ideas in this article from The Roanoke Times.

Lovely Living Room

  • Got a maple or oak tree in your yard? Find a tall, skinny vase and cut some small branches full of colorful leaves for a mini dose of fall foliage. If your nearest tree is in a park, gather up a few fallen leaves and arrange them into a centerpiece.
  • Mix your red and white poinsettias with a soft and cozy green fern, a holiday cactus, or a deep red hibiscus or amaryllis. And when pointsettias have gone out of fashion—or if it’s just a little too early in the cozy season for them—try a kalanchoe, purple sage, or false cypress.
  • Evoke winter snow through creamy white arrangements that use paperwhites, white roses, gardenias, and baby’s breath. Add in some spruce or cedar branches and some Dusty Miller or seeded eucalyptus for a winter wonderland effect.

Bed and Bath

  • Don’t neglect other rooms in your home. Add small vases with choice blossoms (think oranges and yellows roses in fall and reds and whites from December through February). And don’t forget our guide to succulents, as these plants add beauty year-round.
  • String together leaves, berries, flowers, and nuts on twine and drape them around a mirror, countertop, or on top of a dresser for a natural and rustic look to match the season.
  • You can never go wrong with reds, pinks, and purples, especially for a romantic vibe in the bedroom. Redbor kale adds a beautiful purple pop to every arrangement, to which you can add carnations and roses for fragrance. Cyclamen arranged with an assortment of succulents in separate decorative pots can make for a truly romantic landscape.

Don’t forget to use your resources: Don’t buy a vase if you can carve out a gourd for a makeshift container; rummage in the spice cabinet to supplement your arrangements; and dry leaves and flowers in books before adding them to small frames or pinning them to the wall for an elegant yet rustic look.

Inspired? We hope so! Be sure to share your #cozycultivations with us on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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