Business Analyst

Seville Farms is seeking a business analysis and costing analysis specialist. Do you want your work to make a difference and really impact and help the business improve performance?

Do you love data and revealing the story that the data tells and helping companies improve their operation from your analysis?

The business analyst will work with internal teams to design, execute, and deliver analysis and solutions that involve continuous improvement to corporate costing, profitability, production, modeling, financial and other forms of corporate statistical data analysis.

This will include the gathering of correct data sets from dissimilar sources, examination, and mining of data to help the company improve costing accuracy, identify issues and missing or wrong data and performing analysis and providing recommendations to internal customers and executives. This will also include working on profitability analysis that will help forecasting, planning and our other corporate operational teams.

The business analyst will be part of the corporate accounting and finance team and report to the Controller. This will be an in office, contract to permanent position. Supervisory experience is a desired plus but not required.

General Requirements

  • Bachelor’s and 3-5 years industry experience in Business Analyst, Accounting, Information Technology, or similar
  • Familiar with ERP concepts and financial and costing data sets such as SageX3 or similar
  • Prefer manufacturing costing and analysis experience
  • Advanced knowledge/experience in applying statistical concepts for data analysis
  • Strong analytical skills specifically around analyzing historical trends, data mining, data, and financial modeling
  • Handling large datasets using Microsoft Excel, SQL, and business intelligence tools like PowerBI or Tableau
  • Education or experience in using different forecast techniques (Smoothing, Seasonal, Moving Average, etc.) to build optimized models
  • Manufacturing costing/profitability analysis experience a plus
  • General understanding of costing methods such as standard costing and overhead allocations

General Skills

  • Familiarity with Data Format representations, file formats, record alignments, and character representations in data systems
  • Advanced Excel skills especially summarization by pivot tables
  • Databases/SQL – MSSQL/MYSQL/Postgres etc. or similar SQL familiarity
  • Conceptual Understanding/Experience of Data ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) methods
  • Non-SQL Programming experience/familiarity a plus (VBA, R, Python, PHP etc.)
  • Good communicator – written, oral
  • Attention to Detail, Organized and methodical
  • Trustworthy
  • Self-motivated learner
  • Able to test and verify your own work

Typical Tasks

  • Build tools/queries/lookups to extract data from databases, ERP systems, excel spreadsheets, or other esoteric sources
  • Work with Data owners to resolve issues and define rules of transformation
  • Build various statistical or data models for domain specific issues
  • Assist with needed data cleanup, normalizations, and transformations
  • Normalize data format, duplications etc.
  • Import/Export data from various systems and software tools
  • Verification of data (after import) functionally
  • Cleaning data using filtering algorithms and tools for normalization
  • Extrapolation for missing data where appropriate with necessary algorithms
  • Model process models and data flows for repeat analysis that can be automated by the technical teams.
  • Build costing, variance, and profitability analysis
  • Write/Update/Follow Standard Operating Procedures and How-To documents
  • Track/report progress/issues/outliers etc.
  • Use modeling tools and techniques to find optimal solutions, forecasts, predictions, and other statistical measures as projects dictate

Seville Farms founded Seville Farms in 1994 in a small shop near Mansfield, Texas, our mission was to provide high quality annuals, perennials, and ground covers to garden centers across Texas. This is still our mission today. With facilities now across the region and production space that number in the millions of square feet, Seville Farms can deliver almost any product you want anywhere you want.

Seville has a family atmosphere, competitive salary and benefits, and a good working environment.

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