Blooms for Bucks Vanguard Academy 4-H

Your purchase helps to support Vanguard Academy 4-H members with numerous opportunities throughout the year.

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Poinsettia pick-up is planned for the week of November 29 – December 4.

The date may change if the poinsettias are not fully ready.

3.5-quart Poinsettia

6.5 Inch Red Poinsettia with Foil

Get the freshest and highest quality flowers, direct from Seville Farms from a CONTACT-LESS pickup and support your organization. Poinsettias are sold as 3.5-quart.

Four Easy Steps:

  1. Select your poinsettias here.
  2. Specify, the Vanguard location when you checkout out in the Shipping section.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Show up at the location and pick up your poinsettias!

Pickup Location for Vanguard Academy Location and Time:

CityAddressPickup Time
3.5-quart PoinsettiasEdinburgVanguard Academy 4H
2215 South Veterans Blvd
Edinburg, TX