Blooms for Bucks Summit High School Student Council

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All proceeds from this sale will go toward Summit High School’s FROG Week. FROG Week stands for Friends Reaching Out and Giving. Throughout the years FROG Week has supported the kids from the Make a Wish Foundation, family members of our staff, and our own Summit Jaguar faculty members.

This year we are honored to be able to help one of our own – Coach David McDonald. David McDonald is an “OJ” or Original Jaguar (meaning he was part of the original staff when the school opened in 2002).
He was the head soccer coach from 2002-2014, leading those teams to playoffs many years and winning several district championships. In the spring of 2014, he decided to become the head Jaguar tennis coach. Although he loves coaching, he has always considered himself to be a teacher first, instructing seniors at Summit in the real-life applications of government and economics.

In the spring of 2019, he was diagnosed with a cardiac sarcoma (heart cancer) which is extremely rare. David has undergone two open heart surgeries (in 2019) and a craniotomy in (November 2020) in his fight against sarcoma. David has been through several rounds of chemotherapy during that time and is currently doing immunotherapy treatments. Throughout his fight with cancer, he has remained positive and strong, returning from each surgery to the school and profession that he loves.

His faith in God and love for his family, students, and friends is an inspiration to everyone.

Mother’s Day Planters

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Pickup Location for Summit Location and Time:

CityAddressPickup Time
Mother’s Day PlantersArlingtonSummit High School
1071 W Turner Warnell Rd
Arlington, TX 76001