Blooms for Bucks Little Elm ISD Education Foundation

The LEISD Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the teachers and students of Little Elm ISD by partnering with the community to provide resources that Enrich Teaching, Inspire Learning, and Maximize Innovative Opportunities so that every student in LEISD can realize their full potential.

Funds raised will go toward the Education Foundation’s Innovative Teaching Grant Program. Each year, the LEISD Education Foundation accepts grant applications from teachers throughout the school district for funding creative and innovative ideas that will enhance the learning experience for the students of LEISD. In 2020, we were pleased to award over $24,000 to our LEISD educators.

Pick-up is planned for the middle of March.

3 Quart Pot

  • Hydrangea (Early Blue)
  • Hydrangea (Early Rosa Pink)
  • Hydrangea (Hot Red)

18 Pack 1 Pint Flat

  • Begonias (Rose)
  • Impatiens (Violet)
  • Marigolds (Yellow and Yellow & Orange Mix)
  • Petunias (Pink, Midnight, and White)

Get the freshest and highest quality flowers, direct from Seville Farms from a CONTACT-LESS pickup and support your organization. Flats are sold in 1 Pint 18 Pack. Hydrangeas are sold in 3 Quart pot.

Four Easy Steps:

  1. Select your plants from our catalog.
  2. Specify, Little Elm location when you checkout out in the Shipping section.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Show up at the location and pick up your flowers!

Flower pick-up is planned for the week of March 29.
The last day to order is March 22, 2021.

Pickup Location for Little Elm Location and Time:

CityAddressPickup Time
18 Pack 1 Pint Flat
Little Elm, TXLakeside Middle School
400 Lobo Lane Little Elm, TX