Best Practices for a Fundraiser

You control the success of your fundraiser; we provide the platform but the more people you get talking about your mission the more success you will have. Your social media networks are one of your most powerful tools when it comes to fundraising and getting the word out. That is why Facebook fundraisers are so effective! Not only can you share an online fundraiser with your network of support, but you can also encourage your followers to share your campaign with their networks as well.


Make it Personal:

Tell all your friends and family about the fundraiser that way they can help spread the word on social media or even participate in your fundraiser.

Create an Event on Facebook:

If you want easy instructions, read this How To Create a Facebook Event.  

Make Life Easy on Your Customers:

Provide the link that we created to your optimized donation page so your supporters can easily participate.

Choose the Right Time to Post: 

Make sure you are posting when people are most active. For example, before work, during lunch, midafternoon and evening.    

Give Customers a Reason to Support You:

Tell your customers why donating to your organization is important or even what they are helping you provide for your organization.

You are Customer Service for Your Fundraiser:

Be informative and respond in a timely manner.

Share, Share, Share:

The more eyes you get on your fundraiser the better. Share on Facebook city sites, Marketplace, your city garage sales, or any other social media like Nextdoor, etc.

Share Customer Feedback: 

We want to know the experience of the fundraiser. What went well? What can we improve? Reach out to Christy Sanchez with any questions or concerns.